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An Algerian Arabic-French Code-Switched Corpus
Ryan Cotterell, Adithya Renduchintala, Naomi P. Saphra and Chris Callison-Burch
LREC-2014 Workshop on Free/Open-Source Arabic Corpora and Corpora Processing Tools – 2014

Understanding Objects in Detail with Fine-grained Attributes.
A. Vedaldi, S. Mahendran, S. Tsogkas, S. Maji, B. Girshick, J. Kannala, E. Rahtu, I. Kokkinos, M. B. Blaschko, D. Weiss, B. Taskar, K. Simonyan, Naomi P. Saphra and S. Mohamed
Proc. IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) – 2014


A framework for (under)specifying dependency syntax without overloading annotators
Nathan Schneider, Brendan O’Connor, Naomi P. Saphra, David Bamman, Manaal Faruqui, Noah Smith, Chris Dyer and Jason Baldridge
Linguistic Annotation Workshop at ACL – 2013


Towards a detailed understanding of objects and scenes in natural images
Matthew Blaschko, Ross B. Girshick, Juho Kannala, Iasonas Kokkinos, Siddarth Mahendran, Subhransu Maji, Sammy Mohamed, Esa Rahtu, Naomi P. Saphra, Karen Simonyan and others others

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